Tuscarawas River
July 20, 21, 22, 2012



Camp Sign

NTR Canoe Livery in Bolivar, Ohio was the scene of July's crime. The club was camping on NTR property and they had the whole campground to themselves on Friday. Tony arrived first, set up camp and was gone when Jamie and Jock pulled in. After they finished with their shelters Tony came back after bicycle riding and geocaching on the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail. The whole area has lots of recreational opportunities for bikers, hikers, canoeists, tourists and even horsemen. Larry and Sophia, who were staying in the local hotel just around the corner, launched their canoe from the livery and canoed a ways upstream before turning and drifting back to camp. The water level seemed OK even though Ohio was in one of the worst droughts in recent memory.

Ted and Connie, Harold and Laurie, Paul and Lance rounded out the evening's company. It was warm as it had been most of the summer but a great wood fire was kindled as camping just isn't the same without sitting around and socializing with a campfire. The only drawback to camping at NTR is the one lone port-a-pot that sits up by the office, a good hundred yards from camp. The view of the river with a golf course on the other bank was very relaxing for the tired group.

Paddling down river

Saturday morning Harold and Jock scouted the river as the rest of the campers slowly emerged from their nylon dwellings. The geese were flying up and down the river making their usual racket and speaking of goose, in drives Wil with his flying kkkayak (It flew off the truck on one of the earlier outings). When the scouter's returned there were two options: A 13.5 mile trip with a major strainer right after the put in and maybe low water levels or a 6.5 mile paddle with good water and current but not much distance. A decision was made to paddle the 6.5 mile trip and soon everyone's watercraft was loaded and ready. It was an overcast day which kept the temperatures on the tolerable side as the 5 canoes and 4 kkkayaks glided through the glistening water. Lots of birds darted here and there plus the occasional rental canoe and float tubes.

Zoar Village

The 11 members arrived back at NTR at 12 noon, got gear back to camp and had their lunches. After milling around for a while it was decided to drive over to Zoar Village which was only 3 miles from the campground. Zoar Village was the most successful communal village in America. Now the poor village is being threatened by a leaking levee which protects the village from flooding by the Tuscarawas River. After visiting some of the shops it was to the Firehouse Grille and Pub for sauerkraut balls and drinks then back to camp to get ready for the potluck. Harold and Laurie brought meatloaf and pies with others contributing sides of coleslaw, pasta salad, potato salad and much, much more.

After supper it was time, time for drive in theater night. Harold had 3 DVD's for everyone to watch which he sat up on a laptop computer with an external monitor; all ran off a battery power pack. They watched Path of the Paddle by Bill Mason, The Flying Canoe and The Voyageurs . Everyone was very relaxed sitting in lawn chairs staring at the screen. After the movies it was again campfire time. As the warm evening grew older people slowly drifted off to tent land.

Sunday morning looked great. Overcast to keep the heat down and just all around beautiful. Paul was going bicycling and since no one wanted to paddle it was social time until one by one everybody drove off. More than once the name SOFA (Southern Ohio Floaters Association) was mentioned as there was very little paddling and lots of eating but hey, it was mid July in a hot and arid Ohio summer.

Next month finds the club on the cool, spring fed Mad River. Come join the group if you dare!!

movie night

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