Mohican River
April 18, 19, 20, 21, 2013



Osprey Nest

Jock, Steve, Tony and Wil met at the Charles Mill Dam just east of Mansfield, Ohio for a weekend of canoeing. The four were staying on land owned by the Wayside Inn which's abuts the state owned land. It was a warm but very breeze April day. Dinner was supposed to be at the Inn but the kitchen wasn't opened on Thursdays. A scouting trip was quickly decided on to see the planned take out on Friday. Permission was granted to camp at Wolf Creek Grist Mill in Loudonville. After scoping out the area it was off to the Mohican Tavern for great food. While eating, the town "rolled up the sidewalks" with the tavern closing at 8:00pm. Back at camp the four sat around a little campfire with the strong winds keeping the smoke blowing away from their faces. The weather forecast for Friday was for rain, strong winds and falling temperatures. With that information everyone decided to sleep in their vehicles.

The rain started at 6:00am on Friday morning and temperatures were already falling. A tarp was strung between two vehicles to keep the rain off the breakfast and coffee and of course the campies. There is an Osprey nest on an old light pole maybe 50 yards from the fire ring and the ospreys were flying in and out sometimes with food in their talons. What keeps the nest from falling off the pole was a mystery to the campers. A vehicle pulled into the parking lot of the Wayside Inn and thinking of a warm room and hot coffee they went to the door. Not opened for another 20 minutes, but when they did open, the guys sat and watched the hunt for the second Boston Bomber and warmed up and even ate more breakfast.

Grist Mill

A decision was made to not paddle the river due to the wind, rain, high water and the 100 degree rule. If the air temperature, plus water temperature, does not equal 100, then the chances of hyperthermia in the event of capsizing are greatly increased. Off they went to set up camp at the Wolf Creek Grist Mill. The rain stopped but the high winds continued. While Tony was trying to set up his tent, the wind was trying it's hardest to remove it from the property. Everyone helped each other to secure the flapping nylon kites. A former member of OHCRA, Butch Ebersole, arrived and handshakes went all around. No one remembered Butch from the early 90's but they were glad he came. Butch knows the owner of the mill and was the one to acquire permission for the club to camp there. It was getting very chilly with the wind and lower 40 degree temps so it was back to Loudonville and lunch at the River Room Lounge. They watched more on the Boston Bomber while learning more about Butch.

The mill actually sits on state land with trails leading all over and into the Mohican State Forest. After climbing a few hills and following the creek, it was time to relax around a warming fire. Liz showed up followed later by Ted-Connie and Harold-Laurie who sat up their tents complete with heaters. Since the late comers hadn't eaten, it was off to Trails End Pizza for a late supper. Again the sidewalks were rolled up, as the establishment closed at 9:00pm. They got to stay until 9:45pm watching more of the Boston Bomber. Back at camp it was campfire and socializing until bedtime.

Soldiers Marching

Saturday morning was 29 degrees, cold and still windy. It snowed around four in the morning but melted very fast. No one really wanted to paddle but Paul K. drove in and him, Tony and Wil decided to try the Clear Fork Gorge. It is a beautiful five mile paddle through one of the prettiest gorges in Ohio. They got dropped off at the Pleasant Hill Dam and prepared to shove off, into a snow squall. The water was high and fast and purple martins were flying up and down the river by the dozens. There must have been something very tasty to eat just off the surface of the river. The trip was quick and uneventful. When they reached Wolf Creek they lined their craft up the creek and into camp.

Late morning, cold blooded Jamie graced the members with her presence but only because she also had a heater for her tent. There were five men from a civil war reenactment group who came to practice drills. They were marching around the grounds and firing muskets. Since all they had for sleeping were blankets and tarps, they decided to fore go camping. Later in the afternoon the whole tribe, went for a hike in Mohican State Park. Big Lyon Falls to Little Lyon Falls to Pleasant Hill Dam and back to the covered bridge which was a nice 3 mile walk. Part of the group drove through the park to the gorge overlook with the rest returning to camp. There they met Mark Smith, the mill coordinator, organizer, etc. Mark keeps busy at the mill, his construction business and making homemade wine. He is a very interesting person to chat with and gave everyone the history of the mill. Later there was the monthly potluck, again with enough food to feed an army, then games were played and stories told. Butch AKA opossum told the story of "The flying opossum." (Click here to hear the clip.) The air was chilling fast and if not for the tarp city erected on Friday, no one could have stood to be around the fire in the strong wind.

Sunday morning was cold! 27 and very heavy frost greeted the folks as they SLOWLY exited their tents. Once the fire was blazing in the now still air and clear skies, activity started on tearing down camp. The state park was having a seminar on mushroom hunting which hurried some along. Good bye's were said for another month and off everyone went, into a Sunday that was beautiful and warm. Just our luck!!

Axe abd Bottle

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