Wekiva State Park, Fl
March 2014



Wekiva Spring

The picture of what looks like a pool is the spring at Wekiva State Park from which the Wekiva River flows. The 'pipe' on the river edge is for paddlers who enter the park by water, and have to pay on an honor system. The picture with a building in it, shows two light green kayaks hanging on a utility pole. A good spot for them??

We paddled a few miles on the Wekiva River, and also on Rock Springs Creek, which runs into the Wekiva downstream from the park. The creek was quite high, and had a current of about 3 miles per hour, almost too much for two old people to paddle upstream. It was a nice enough day, and we only met two other paddlers on what looked like surf boards.

The put in #1 is off Captiva Island, and allows you to then explore the mangrove swamps and wet lands.

The other river is the Hillsborough, east of Tampa. We put in at a park where the livery is now located. The attendant took the photo of us in the red boat. We did not see many alligators, but really like the big birds that are not frightened by the canoe at all. A little difficult getting photos as the canoe is moving, as you know. It was a cloudy, cool day and a little spooky where the shade made it even darker. The last picture is of Cypress knees, beat up by being on the downstream end of a sharp turn.

We had a nice time, and enjoyed getting onto a river. We look forward to joining you guys as our schedules fit. Sophia appears to be fully healed from her accident and hip surgery.

Regards, Larry

Tree Stumps

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