Hocking River
June 9, 10, 11, 12, 2017



This is an "overnight on the river" trip of approximately 63 miles. I'm trying to finish the trip we got flooded out on in 2015. The water conditions in June could be low and we could drag canoes or high and fast but hazardous. Or it could just be beautiful! Whatever water we encounter it will be an adventure. We are starting at St Rt 328 just off of St Rt 33 south of Logan.

Wednesday evening June 8th, I will shuttle my vehicle and trailer downstream to Friday's campsite. We will be camping Wednesday night at Deb's house. Deb lives at 29340 STAGE COACH RD., Logan, Ohio. The put in is 7 miles from Deb's house. Extra vehicles can be left at Deb's until Sunday when we drive back through or at the Hocking Hills Diner's parking lot. The Diner is just across the highway from where we are putting in. I would like to eat breakfast at the diner to thank them for letting us park there.

Thursday morning we will launch on the mighty Hocking. We should paddle 20 - 25 miles and camp Thursday evening on a sand bar somewhere north of Athens.

Friday we will paddle through Athens. If anyone wants to stop and shop or eat real food, there should be time. We will paddle another 20 miles or so. Camp Friday evening is in the burg of Guysville. We have permission to camp at the Savannah Township Park on St Rt 329, just off St Rt 50. It is along the river and has a shelter house and pit toilets. The only toilets of the trip. Anyone coming down for just the weekend can meet us here. There is parking but no water. ALL water must be carried. My daughter lives in Guysville so water can be had at her house. I will have my car parked there if we want to get pizza or some other food for dinner. There is a Marathon gas station, within walking distance, where supplies can be bought.

Saturday we paddle down to the town of Coolville. There is a boat ramp that was controlled by the DNR and I had hoped we could camp there. Since there are no toilets, we could just shuttle back to Guysville and stay there 2 nights unless the group wants to primtive camp at the ramp. There is a restaurant/gas station about 1.5 miles up the road.

Sunday we paddle from Coolville down to the Ohio River. The take out will be on river left after you pass under the State Route 124 bridge. Place is called Eddies Point. There is parking for at least 5 cars.

We need to average 20 - 25 miles per day for the first 2 days. 12 miles on Saturday and 7 miles on Sunday or do both on Saturday.
I plan on fishing some on the river and I do not want to make camp very early on a sandbar. So unless we run into logjams or other troubles, it should be a lazy 20 - 25 mile paddle between campsites. (Unless it is pouring down rain like in 2015.)

I guess a food theme for Saturday's potluck could be "the lightest food you can carry".

Questions or comments ?? Tony 419-845-2010, tbonecanoes at hotmail.com