Portage River
March 23, 24, 25



I have secured camping at the River Bend Park in Elmore, Ohio. The park is located off Portage River South Road, which in town is also Rice Street. Latitude N 41 28.67' Longitude W 083 17.17'. There is an undeveloped launch area and camping is basically in a grassy field.

There will be a port-a-pot for us to use but NO water in March. Please bring your own drinking water.

Friday we can shuttle up to New Rochester, where St. Rt. 6 crosses the river, and paddle 12.5 miles down to Woodville. (Water level dependent)

Saturday we can put in at camp and paddle down to Oak Harbor. Parking is available at the Union Cemetery. River miles would be around 9 or so.

Sunday we can paddle from Woodville back to camp, a total of 6 miles. Of course any March trip can and probably will be influenced by weather so flexibly is the key.

There are no shelter houses or trees near by so we will be using the clubs canopy with sides attached. Saturday potluck has no theme. Cook what you like or if the weather is really nasty we can go to Oak Habor or find something in Elmore to eat.

If anyone is interested in camping on Thursday evening let me know ahead of time.

Question or comments please contact:   Tony -7402621055-,    tbonecanoes at hotmail dot com