Scioto River
June 7 - 16, 2019


We tried to do this trip last April 2018 but Mother Nature didn't cooperate. There was close to historic flooding days before the trip so we had to cancel. This year I am trying the same set up as last year. This is all tentative until I again reach out to all areas we want to camp.............

We are canoeing the Scioto River from the Greenlawn Dam in Columbus to the Ohio River. Total distance of 128 - 130 miles. This will be a camp along the river trip with members carrying all supplies in their watercraft. The following is a tentative schedule of which is subject to change based on water levels and weather.

June 7th - We will meet for camping on Friday evening and get vehicles shuttled to certain areas. The Heimat Haus Party House and Picnic Grounds, 4555 Jackson Pike, Grove City, OH, 43123 is letting us camp for $15.00 each and they have indoor flush restrooms.

June 8th - We will launch from the Greenlawn Dam on Scioto Blvd., Columbus, OH and paddle 15 miles. Right next to the dam is Columbus Fire Station #3 at 220 Greenlawn Ave, Columbus, OH 43223. They have given us permission to leave 2 or 3 vehicles in their parking lot for a day or the week. Launch time will be determined on Friday evening. The village of Commercial Point has graciously given us permission to camp on the property of their waste water plant. Only drawback is no vehicles are allowed to be parked there overnight. Ted is going to help shuttle so something will be worked out for the evening. There are no facilities or water. Bring a trowel and enough water to last 3 days.

June 9th - We will paddle 17.25 miles to a Pickaway County Park named Canal Park, 23352 Canal Rd., Circleville, Ohio. The park has a shelter house and a port-a-pot. No water available.

June 10th - A very long day of paddling 26.5 miles to the Chillicothe City Park. We will camp next to the boat ramp and just across the flood dike are restrooms and water. If we have a shuttle vehicle we could get real food in the evening or have pizza delivered. If we shuttled any vehicles to this point they could be moved on down to Portsmouth to our last campsite or if there is anyone that could bring folks back to their vehicles later we could leave them at Katrina's house.

June 11th - Camping from here on will be on gravel/sand bars. Around 15 miles south of Chillicothe we will start looking for a nice spot for the evening. Just downstream of Higby Road near the village of Richman Dale is an island as listed on the old topo maps to look for. No facilities or water.

June 12th - A 17.75 mile paddle brings us just south of Waverly. Where Pee Pee Creek flows into the River is a great sand bar, if the water isn't high. It's in between state routes 23 and 220. No facilities or water.

June 13th - The next sand bar will range from 14.25 to 19.25 miles depending on accessibility and water levels. No facilities or water.

June 14th - Depending on the campsite the night before, this day of paddling will range from 9.75 to 12.75 miles. Another sand bar and no facilities or water.

June 15th - After paddling 10.25 to 13.25 miles to the Ohio River, we will camp at the Riverfront Campground. The campground is around 1 mile upstream on the Ohio River. If we have a shuttle vehicle handy we could load up boats and drive to the campground. The city of Portsmouth which owns the campground is letting us camp for free both Friday and Saturday. Anyone that wants to camp Friday can shuttle up to ST RT 348 and park on the nortwest corner of the bridge. There is an access point where you can launch a canoe and meet up with those of us paddling the last 10-13 miles. Your trip would be 15 miles so if we know who is coming we can wait for you at our last campsite.

This will quite possibly be a strenuous trip depending on lots of factors. Water levels, wind, air temperatures, etc. Anyone paddling is REQUIRED to bring extra dry clothes in an emergency bag in case of a capsize. This would be in addition to your regularly packed clothes. Something very easy to retrieve in an emergency.

Everyone must be self sufficient. Everyone must carry their own water. There will be spots where we can ask to refill water jugs. All food is the responsibility of each paddler. Restroom facilities will be a cat hole at the first and last 4 campsites on the river.

Any thoughts, suggestions or questions call Tony 740 262 1055 or email: tbonecanoes at