Upper Cuyahoga River
September 18, 19, 20, 2020



Please RSVP as to whether you are coming and when so I have some idea of numbers. I plan on getting there Friday afternoon.


- We will be camping at Camp Hi (lower area) 12274 Abbott Road Hiram Ohio 44234 (330-569-7621).
- Fee is $4.00 per night per person.
- Pit toilets - no water so bring your own - no electric


- Current plan is the following - depends on whether water levels for part of Saturdays paddle.
- Friday evening (around 8 pm) a night paddle with a Naturalist/ Former chief of Outdoor Education for Cleveland Metro Parks. We will put in at Eldon Russell and meander down part way to 422 and then back up to Eldon - rafting up in areas along the way for stories about the river and to call in Barred Owls. Note: Masks will be required at Eldon Russell until we get on the water and then when we raft up along the river as our leader on this trip is a Covid hi risk person and will not be able to do the trip if we cannot comply.
- Saturday - we will put in at Kinsman Road (Rte 87) in Burton and paddle back to Camp Hi (13 miles) with an option to get out at Rte 422 (6 miles). This is the one that is a little water dependent (the 87 to Eldon Russell stretch has several downed trees that might be a issue if water is very low. Coleen and I paddled it this past Sunday but water was very high so no real problems (one tight fit thru but did not have to get out.)
- Sunday - we will do 5 miles from Camp Hi to Buchert Memorial Park.


We have 1 trailer at this time available for shuttles (Tony's). Friday night will not require a shuttle - there is plenty of parking at Eldon Russell. Saturday we will need to take the trailer and as few cars as possible up to Rte. 87 as the lot there is not very large. We will also leave some vehicles at 422 for anyone who thinks they might want to end there. We will have to go back up to 87 and collect vehicles after Saturdays paddle. Sunday we will need to run the trailer and any vehicles needed to get us all back down to Buchert Park for that take out.

Food: You will be on your own for food this trip. (no potluck)

Wood: If you have some bring it - Steve and I will bring some


- Camp Hi - 12274 Abbott Road, Hiram 44234
- Eldon Russell Park - 16315 Rapids Road, Troy Township 44021
- Kinsman Road - (Rte 87) - 14299 Kinsman Road Burton 44021
- Buchert Memorial Park - East High Street Mantua 44255

Trip Leader:

Liz Clingman
6120 Ruple Parkway
Brook Park OH 44142
440-799-1881 (cell)