Hot Tent Camping at Mew Lake Campground in
Algonquin Park, Canada

Thursday, February 13th thru Tuesday February 18th, 2020


You will need a passport.

I will be going up on Thursday 2/13 and getting a campsite - I hope to get an electric site but no guarantees and then will go up to the house at Burk's Falls for the night. Have to collect all the camping equipment.

On Friday 2/14 I will head over to Mew Lake Campground to set up camp site. I am planning on camping at Mew Lake the nights of Friday 2/14, Saturday 2/15, and Sunday 2/16. Will break camp on Monday 2/17 and head back up to house at Burk's Falls and spend Monday night - heading home on Tuesday morning. If everyone needs to leave on Monday we will tear down on Sunday and head up to Burk for the night so you can leave on Monday (I cannot tear down the big tent by myself and transport it all back to Burk in my car.) If you are interested in coming up you can come up for all or part of the time. I have room for 7 besides me in the tents.

Mew Lake has a comfort station with heated bathrooms, showers and potable water, and washer and dryer.

I will supply:

- Tents 1 or 2 as needed
- Stoves 1 or 2 as needed
- Tarp, foam pads and carpet for tent floor
- Wood and Kindling (we will split the cost)
- Lights for the tents
- Paper plates and bowls (dishwashing if hard to do so we use paper except for pots, silverware and mugs
- Food except for snacks, beverages, and special needs - group cooking is easier as stove space is limited.


- - Suppers - Chili and Rice, Chicken and Noodles and Beef Stew and Biscuits
- - Lunches - Soups, Grilled Cheese, Trail Bologna and Cheese, Hot Dogs and Beans
- - Breakfast - Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Eggs, Breakfast Casserole, Cinnamon Rolls

What you will need to supply:

Clothing (suggestions):

- NO COTTON, Dress in layers - temp can be between -30 and 70
- Warm Pants
- Shirts
- Long Underwear or base layers
- Snow Pants or rain pants (will block the wind)
- Wool Socks - extra pair they can get wet (save a pair for sleeping in so always dry)
- Hats and gloves - more than 1 pair of gloves because they will get wet - may want a hat to sleep in as well if you tend to be cold
- Boots and shoes or slippers for in the tent


- Cot if desired or can sleep on the ground
- At least 2 pads or layers for underneath you - even if on a cot. Foam pads are good; wool blankets are good for both under and over you.
- Winter warm sleeping bag or 2 lighter ones that you can put one inside the other
- Pillow

Personal Items:

- Toiletries
- Medications
- Chair to sit on - depending on how many go will determine how many chairs will fit. If have cot can sit on that. May have to take up beds that are not on cots to have seating space during the day.
- Flashlights and batteries
- Lotion, lip balm - your skin will get dry
- Silverware and mug for meals
- Snowshoes, Skates, Cross country skis, hockey sticks - if you have and want to use. Mew Lake has an ice rink right next to the comfort station and you can always find someone up for a hockey game or some skating. There are lots of trails for hiking, skiing and snowshoes. We have a couple extra pairs of snowshoes if someone would like to try them.


- We will split campsite fee
- We will split wood cost
- You will need to get a car pass for any car coming to the campground - 2 can be parked at the site - rest in overflow. If you come up to Burk on Thursday we can do some carpooling so not every car has to come to Mew.
- If you come up on the 407 (toll road around Toronto area) they will bill you for it - around $25 each way depending on time of day you get on it. It runs between the QEW and 400, missing 403 and 401 which can be very busy. If you take it you get on it off the QEW and should stay on it until you get to the 400 exit (my GPS tells me to get off at 403 - don't would just put you back into the traffic - stay on until 400). Those of you who live in western Ohio will probably find it faster to go up around Lake Erie to the west, crossing the border at Detroit/ Windsor and come across 401 on the Canadian side of the lake.


Our House: 255 South Service Road, Burk's Falls, Armour Township, Ontario Canada
Mew Lake Campground, On - 60 Unorganized So Nipissing District Ont. Canada. You will come up highway 11 to Huntsville On - getting off at the exit for Highway 60 - when you get to the Park's west gate you will proceed to Km 30 and Mew Lake Campground - it will be on your right. Come into the gate and check in - I will post the campsite after I get it on Thursday. If the gate house is closed come on into the campsite and you can sign in the next morning.

Questions, etc, call:

Liz (440)799-1881