Little Miami River Info
October 13-18, 2020



We will be paddling from John Bryan State Park all the way to the Ohio River, a total distance of 83 miles. This will be a camp along the river trip with all members being self-sufficient for all food, water and transportation of gear.

• October 13th - We will meet at Morgan's Riverside Canoe and Campground, 6262 Gilmour Rd, Morrow, Ohio 513-899-2166. Any folks that want to base camp there for 1 to 5 nights are welcome.

• October 14th - Anyone taking the 83 mile trip will shuttle early, up to John Bryan State Park and/or to Jacoby Road outside Yellowsprings, Ohio. We will paddle a total of 20 miles that day, ending at Constitution Park, a Greene County Park. I have already made reservations for 4 people at $16.33 total. Additional paddlers are $2.00 each.

• October 15th - We will paddle 21.5 miles downstream ending back at Morgan's Riverside Campground and spend the evening with the base campers.

• October 16th - We head south again paddling 20.5 miles and stopping at Isabella Campground, a Hamilton County Park. A campsite cost $23.50 but at this time I do not know how many people that covers.

• October 17th - We start the last leg of the trip, paddling 21 miles to the Ohio River. Four Seasons Marina, 4853 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226 is 3/4 of a mile downstream on the Ohio and is a good take out. That will give us a taste of paddling on the mighty Ohio River. We can then shuttle 35 minutes back up to Morgan's Campground for another nights camping with the base campers.

Since this trip is in October the weather could be nice and sunny or on the cool side. Pack accordingly.

More updates as we get closer to the trip.

Contact Tony with questions or comments at 740-262-1055 or tbonecanoes at hotmail dot com.