Mohican Outing
June 11,12,13, 2021



Camp Site

"It was Bad-Ass Man"

It all started on Friday afternoon with Trip Leader Chuck Keller receiving a phone call from the campground. The Mohican Wilderness Campground was saying your group is arriving and you are not here??????; so we are going to charge them for sites you have already paid for, (Go Figure). The members who had arrived were Laura, Joe, Ron, Jilinda, and Brad (who all ended up paying for sites that were previously paid for by Chuck. In comes Chuck (The fearless Trip Leader). He and Dave at the front desk took care of the great fiasco by remedying the situation and giving credit to all those involved.

After Chuck got all that taken care of, here comes along Steve, followed by Tom, (I'm Impaired) Burger; for those of you who were there; you get the joke. Once that was done, Lance Zimmeroffengoffendoffer, (who once sold Timeshares) arrived as well as Coleen and her adorable Pooch, Murphy. Who by the way, came in second place to Ohio's Most Admired and Complimented, a Homemade Canoe whose namesake is "Galaxy the Stripper" owned by none other than Mr. Bad-Ass Man" himself, Wil Baughn. It was revealed that the Throngs of Degenerates who inhibited the Mohican River gave that honor to the Canoe over the Adorable Pooch.

Friday, June 11th was just an evening for setting up as well as catching up with everyone seeing that we have been secluded in our homes for over a year. Everyone put up their tents and begin indulging on the tasty adult beverages of their choice while enjoying a fire and the beautiful sunset. The fire help set the mood for a relaxing evening and a non-competitive game of trivial pursuit. After that, the gang pretty much retired for the night.

Flooded River

Saturday Morning..June 12th started with a great deal of uncertainties. The river was pretty high and moving quite swiftly and canoe liveries were closed, so we were unsure if we were going to paddle. Around 9:30am here came along OHCRA's own, Dubbed Fashionista by Coleen and Jilinda, Ms. Kerri Scott. Since there was so much uncertainty, the group decided to go on a hike in the woods. First we posed for a Photo-Op on the swinging bridge, and crossed over to began our up hill climb. Some members decided to sit this one out while others were Bad-Ass Man, (like Wil Baughn) who recently had major surgery to replace his knee. He hiked all the way up to the top along with Joe, Chuck, and Kerri. Coleen, Steve and Murphy (The adorable Pooch) went as far as they could. Other members stayed down and surveyed the water conditions of the river.

Once they deemed we could perhaps paddle, we learned the liveries were opening things up and so we decided to paddle with a limited number of members. Those who decided to paddle was, Chuck and Kerri, Steve, Coleen, Wil and Joe. We put in at the Wolf Creek Grist Mill and took out at the campground which was approximately nine miles. The river was moving fairly quick, and the Saturday afternoon on the Mohican was taken over by a massive drove of Degenerates from Cabrewing to raunchy raft parties, and congested water traffic for an afternoon to remember!! Amidst all the ruckus of the afternoon, Chuck did managed to score a "Free" Bud Light that was thrown from one degenerate to another. It actually fell short of its intended target, (So the saying goes...If it's Free; its for Me!) Wil and Chuck spotted a Huge Eagle's Nest, (More about that later). There were plenty of birds like Cardinals, Blue Birds, and Orioles for our enjoyment to see. After a quick paddle, we came upon the takeout; only to find Lance and Laura Floating in the river. Chuck thought he saw a whale, (All in good fun).

Saturday Evening..... We headed back to our perspective camp sites and cleaned up for dinner. Ron showed the gang why he was dubbed Bad-Ass Man with his hatchet skills of splitting wood for our fire. Jilinda and Kerri surprised Laura with an early birthday (Actual birthday is 6/16) surprise with Cupcakes and balloons. We sang happy Birthday around the fire! Wil had an uninvited guest who was deemed a Fat Ass and a nuisance who tried to eat from his trash! "Get to stepping Raccoon". Later, Jilinda shared her book of famous quotes with the gang. After that, several people retired for the evening.

River Floating

Sunday Morning... We were awaken by thunderous rounds of Thunder as we started getting up to get our breakfast prepared. Good thing that only lasted for a hot minute! Later, we decided to go at it again and enjoy another couple of hours on the river. The river was not moving as fast as it did the previous day so Tom, Chuck, Kerri, Steve, and Coleen (along with their adorable pooch Murphy,) Ron, Jilinda and Joe gathered up their paddles and braved the Sunday afternoon flow. We started at the campground and went down to the town of Brinkhaven AKA Gann! We paddled approximately eight miles. The flow was much more subdued than the day before. We could actually hear ourselves think and enjoyed the beauty of the Mohican. Remember that Eagle's Nest Wil spotted on Saturday, well Ron spotted a beautiful Bald Eagle which flew right in front of Ron, Jilinda and Kerri. His wing span was a mile long, (Little Exaggeration, for he was Big). The Beautiful Bird stood firm in the tree while the rest of the gang admired his beauty for what seemed like an eternity. Kerri ran over a little water snake in her Kayak. The river was in no way congested like it was on Saturday. We could count on both hands and feet the number of other paddlers we saw. We could actually hear the rapids from the dam from what seemed like a mile away. They had more bark than their bite. Everyone successfully went over the dam with great ease and WITHOUT getting their feet wet! Just in the nick of time as we prepared for the takeout, the rain started to form but we all managed to get loaded and head back to the campground.

Wil greeted us with his presence as he stayed back and nursed his "Bad-Ass Man" knee. We all prepared our tents for the teardown and hugged, (because we are fully vaxxed) and said our goodbyes until next time! That our dear friends is, The Weekend that was on the Mohican River!! Ohio's Largest Outdoor Recreation Park, that's what the sign says, and I'm sticking to it! That was Bad-Ass Man!! The End????

Mohican River

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